Fun Things To Do In New Haven, Connecticut

If you are visiting New Haven Connecticut, then here are some fun things that you should do in the area.

Visit East Rock Park
This is a beautiful place for anyone that loves nature. If you visit the place in the summer, you can enjoy precious hikes or picnics while taking in the amazing view of the park from the high mountain ridges that surround the park. During winter, it is a lovely place for skating and skiing. In addition to these, birdwatchers will also find it a good place to view the numerous species of birds that appear in various seasons.

New Haven Museum
This is a historical museum that you can visit if you wish to learn the history of the place. You can learn about the founders of the town and the various historical events that have occurred in the town. There are also various historical exhibits in the museum that are bound to catch your eye.

Eat At The Tikkaway Grill
This restaurant offers Indian cuisine that is marvelous. It is definitely a place that you will not regret going to. Despite the common myth that all Indian food is spicy, this place will provide you with the perfect food to ensure your palates never forget the experience. It is healthy food too.

Yale Center For British Art
This is a place for art lovers. It is located inside the campus grounds of the Yale University. Here you will get to view some of the greatest works of art from famous English writers, sculptors as well as artists. There are also a number of non English artists in the center. This is definitely a place that you will want to visit if you find yourself in New Haven.

Visit The Lighthouse Point Park Carousel
This is another historic place that you will want to visit. Constructed in the early 1900s, the place is rich with history of the American people. It is only open at certain times so it is best to check out if it is open on the date you want to visit.

Connecticut Children’s Museum
This is a wonderful place that is full of exhibits that will peak your interest. It also has many species of plants as well as several animals. There are nature classes for children where they learn about various animals and plants and get to interact with each other.