“New Haven Style” Pizza Place Open for Business in Madison

MADISON, CT – A new pizza place has opened in Madison and, according to its owner, business has been booming.

Amato’s Pizza and Pasta recently opened on Durham Road.

The owner is Amato Bevilacqua.

Bevilacqua grew up in Madison and graduated from Hand in 2006.

"I played football growing up and all through my freshman year but then had to let it go to pursue my passion for cooking and pizza making by working full time at my parents restaurant in Branford (Pepe and Rose)," Bevilacqua said.

"I used to leave school and go right to work honing my pizza and cooking skills, eventually managing the restaurant. It was always my dream to bring my family’s old school Italian cooking and New Haven pizza back to my hometown.

"So I started Amato’s after my parents retired and sold their business. The concept was to bring high quality, restaurant style Italian food and pizza to a take out pizza place, with a nice and clean atmosphere.

"We use imported products from Italy such as San Marzano tomatoes, olive oil, cheese and following old recipes from my grandparents and beyond. Our dough and sauce recipe is over 100 years old.

"We just opened last week and had an awesome opening week, great support and so many of my classmates stopping in," said Bevilacqua.

The restaurant is located at 391 Durham Road. Its phone number is 203-421-6331. It website is www.amatospizzapasta.com

Photo of Amato Bevilacqua

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