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Sahara Rain is a Swiss ‘six pack’ band that was formed in 2007. In 2009 they released their debut album “ Sand In Your Hands”. The album got raving reviews from all over the world. On the first album all the songs where written by Michael Bormann. This time around he only did one song but took care of the production and recording process. Through the social network facebook I came in contact with the band and Bo himself has send me a copy of the album to review!

Sahara Rain are:

  • Bo Rebsamen – keyboards
  • Dave Silhanek – guitars
  • Boet De Haas – bass
  • Ricci Domenico – vocals
  • Adrian Honegger – guitars
  • Levent Sunu – drums



Some piano that takes me back to the “Gutter Ballet” album from Savatage get this album going. Soon the piano got the company of a great guitar and the voice of Ricci. He’s got a strong voice but his true power shines during the sing-along chorus. Above all that the song contains an emotional solo. “Forever Young” kicks off with a soaring guitar but soon transform in a more AOR track with some subtle piano keys. The same piano sounds are in great contrast with the sometimes pumping guitar riffs. We get a first cool down moment with the initial acoustic ballad “Miss You”. Arena chants are used for the intro in “Holy Warrior”. Rolling riffs and some hard hitting drum strokes are the main ingredients of this song. But the keys are the glue who sticks it all together and gives this song that extra depth. A refreshing break with again those piano strokes and a powerful riff keeps your attention up. To top it off you get an emotional guitar solo who’s very Yngwie inspired. My favorite track of the album. Pure melody and passion during the Bormann penned “Love Me Loud”. Again the inner ears are been spoiled with some sensitive guitars, unexpected licks and a shredding solo. And I didn’t even mention the catchy and sweet as candy harmonies yet! Ricci shows his more melodic voice on “Shout It Out” and it brings up your appetite! The chorus harvests an extremely pumping riff and makes the song stick in your head. The second ballad “Dreams Die Young” has a light orchestration and you may spot some bluesy inspired guitar licks.  A great romantic ballad this is! (according to my lovely wife) “Starlight” puts the pedal on the metal again besides some strong harmonies where you’vebeen treated with refreshing keys. The guitar solo has a kind of Blackmore feel to it. “Live Earth” gives a great symbiosis between the guitars and the keys. The album closes pure and simple with the acoustic “Since You’ve Been Gone”. The true power from the voice of Ricci shines during the whole song.


  1. Heavy Times
  2. Forever Young
  3. Will I Ever Be
  4. Miss You
  5. Holy Warrior
  6. Love Me Loud
  7. Shout It Out
  8. Dreams Die Young
  9. Starlight
  10. Live Earth
  11. Since You’ve Been Gone

The album needs a few spins to really appreciate his true power. But when you’vedone that you’re hooked for sure. I certainly don’t wanna wait an eternity to hear the next album from these guys. The thing I like the most on the album are the keyboards. They basically are the spine of the songs and the other instruments (and the voice) are the individual organs who made the body of the songs complete. And the band The Darkness has said it before: “It’s Growing on Me”.


Report written by: RIK BAUTERS

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