SAHARA RAIN – „Eternity“
SR Records 2011
Music: Hard Rock/Glam Metal
Duration: 47 minutes (11 songs)
Country: Switzerland

I know Switzerland a bit from my visits to this country but I know few local bands. I don’t think about Swiss famous bands on the world obviously but I mean about less-known bands – at least in my country. Some day I received the second album of SAHARA RAIN… I completely didn’t connect the name of band with this country, but it is not important…

The music from „Eternity“ sounds very pleasantly. The music is very mature, spatial, oscillating among Hard Rock and Glam Metal. I know this kind of rock music briefly, though in a past I listened some bands… Therefore the music of SAHARA RAIN reminded me DEF LEPPARD, BON JOVI, EUROPE, ALICE COOPER or WHITE LION. And therefore „Eternity“ is Rock made thoughtfully, very melodious and simultaneously somewhat sharp with nice keys and catchy refrains.

The tracks emit melancholy, gentle darkness and often balladic tunes. Though the stronger hits and heavier serves also are typical for SAHARA RAIN besides the interesting acoustic passages, solos and the melodious hoarse singings which are enriched by backing singers. Here is audible that the members of SAHARA RAIN well know their profession and they sometimes underline it in masterly serves as well as in the curious complex keys. These keys perform here important part deepening a mood and even sometimes the keys play leading part.

I remember that bands of this type created excellent ballads and SAHARA RAIN also presents many such musical moments – melancholy and romantic but they don’t forget that the rock music has to be impulsive and energetic.

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