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Reviewer: Brian Rademacher
Rock Eyez WebzineReviewer: Brian Rademacher


Damn, I think Mr. Serafino from Frontiers missed the boat on this one. The powerful range and sound quality coming from SAHARA RAIN is stunning. Produced by one of my favorite vocalists Michael Bormann the Swiss band SAHARA RAIN is one hell of a project.

The opening track “Feels Like” sets a fine line of perfection to expertise and with a sound mixture of GOTTHARD and SHYLOCK it makes SAHARA RAIN top quality. With the vocal range of lead singer Ricci and the drive of melodic mastery, they are sure to win over fans worldwide.

“Black Gold” is another killer tune that sets fire to the disc. I really love the harmonies that are choir-like and the sweet sounding guitar work of Dave Silhanek and Adrian Honegger is uplifting not to mention the subtle sounding keyboards of Bo Rebsam.

“Higher Sky” is a great ballad and there’s no doubt with this tune Ricci will become a vocal icon with his charismatic vocals that show class. “The Dance” has AOR features and could bring success quickly to SAHARA RAIN and with the catchy hooks and star quality musicianship, these guys have success in arms reach.

More and more I listen to the tracks Ricci sounds similar to Jon Bon Jovi but with a better range. I mean song after song this CD is amazing. Check out “Shadow” just a kick ass tune. I’m not sure if it’s the clean air of Switzerland or the Swiss springs but these guys have it going on. They know how to write great lyrics and the music is phenomenal and with the guitar sounds of Josh Ramos you can’t get much better than this.

Once you hear the opening guitar sounds of “Blinded Eyes” you know this song is going to be special. This is just another tune that will reach great heights and will be on the lips of fans worldwide. For me this is the highlight song on “Sand In Your Hands”, I would buy the CD just for this song alone!

Hold up, what the hell, maybe “Be The Man You Are” is the highlight song to me, This song blows me away even more, reminds me of the SCORPIONS. Damn this is good! There’s not a bad track on the entire release and what an impressive debut CD by SAHARA RAIN. This is a must CD for your collection if you’re a hard rock/ melodic rock fan.

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